Our goal at Infinite Agape Ministries Counseling Center is to foster health and well being through a comprehensive evaluation of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

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About Us

Our pastoral counseling is 100% strictly confidential and 100% strictly non-judgmental

We specialize in relieving individuals fraught with substance abuse (drug, alcohol, pornography), depression (anxiety, stress, panic attacks), emotional turmoil, relationship issues (marriage, family, separation, divorce), grief & loss and people who suffer with other epistemological issues. One of our statements affirm, "We may not be able to change your circumstances, but we can help you find peace is this storm."
Typically, we offer 9 – 12 series of "The Journey" teachings. Each series typically comprises of 2 to 3 session. Thus, clients normally attend 18 – 24 sessions before completing our pastoral counseling labeled "The Journey."
In some types of counseling, the counselee does a lot of the talking; the counselor does a lot of listening, and the issues that the counselee has classically set the agenda for the sessions. Although some find this helpful, our approach is different. We do a lot of listening, especially in the initial sessions; but in most of our sessions, we do a lot of teaching.
We also offer online video (remote) pastoral counseling in order to accommodate your busy schedule.

We are by your side because we care!

We affirm that Jesus can more than save your soul to heaven (John 10:10). We also affirm that Jesus can heal the broken hearted and free anyone from bondage and even the bondage of strongholds.

Pastoral Counseling Services

Temperament Counseling
Substance & Alcohol Abuse

We specialize in helping individuals (adults & teens) in getting free from substances that are destroying our families today. These substances include alcohol, over-dosage of legally prescribed medications illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin and a host of others).

Most recently teens and adults today are suffering and even dying due to the vaping epidemic.

Anxiety/Panic Attacks and Depression
Depression & Anxiety

Depression causes people to feel sad, lonely, and withdrawn. See the staggering statistics on the CDC.org website. Our pastoral counselors are here to help free those who suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, and a host of other emotional stressors and turmoil.

Marriage and Family Counseling
Marriage & Family

So as the marriage goes, so goes the family. Couples struggle by overstepping boundaries, clear communication, emotional infidelity, money issues, cell phone and other technological attention grabbers. Our pastoral counselors can help you with setting your priorities back on the important things that matter, family!

Premarital Orientation
Loss Care

If you have suffered from the loss of a loved one through divorce, death or by other means, our pastoral counselors are here to help walk you through your grief. We dispose the myths about divorce, loss and grief.

Anger Management
Anger Management Therapy

Our methods teach how to cast off those who suffer from the outburst of anger.

Grief & Loss

Our pastoral counselors expose the myths concerning grief. One myth example, time does not heal all wounds.

Our counselors can provide you with the tools to find long-term healing.

Other Life Issues

There are times in life when everything hurts, or relationships clash; and we realize that we need someone to walk with us through the difficulties. We are glad that you are here, and we are very much looking forward to working with you.

Meet our team of Professionals

Randall L. Parsons

president of Grace Abundant Counseling Center and co-founder of d.ba. Infinite Agape Ministries

Counselor, Grace Abundant Counseling
Center, Houston, Texas 2010-2013

Infinite Agape Ministries, 2015-present.

Faith Academy of Marble Falls, Bible teacher,
2015 to present.


Professional Clinical Member and Certified Temperament Counselor (National Christian Counseling Association). Certified Pastoral Member Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors.


Magna Cum Laude, Science in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies Liberty University.

Bachelors of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M.

Exchange Life Ministry Discipleship certification Grace Life Institute

Exchange Life Ministries Advanced studies (behavioral), Grace Life Institute


Addiction, alcohol and substance abuse, pre-marriage and marriage counseling, grief, loss of loved one, weight loss, and career placement. Qualified to assist in many other areas. Eleven years of practice.

Sharon Johns

Apprentice, Infinite Agape Ministries, Marble Falls, Texas, 2018-present

Case Manager, Texas Baptist Christian Home’s STARRY program, Round Rock, Texas

Youth Care Counselor, Meridell Achievement Center, Liberty Hill, Texas

Mental Health Tech, Austin State Hospital, Austin, Texas


Certified Pastoral Member, Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors, Sarasota, Florida


Bachelors of Psychology, Stephen F. Austin

Dallas Theological Seminary, Basic Biblical Counseling, National Christian Counselor Association, Creation Therapy, Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors

Completed all requirements for certification of Temperament Counselor, N.C.C.A., awaiting board approval.

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Counseling fees start at $95.00 USD - Ask about our available payment plans.

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